• PT Startup

  • Therapist-owned Start-up Clinic Case Study

  • As a Physical Therapy Management Company, Integra has always valued working directly with the therapist that is in Private Practice. It is at the level of the therapist where the quality of care, concern and experience directly effects the patient.

    A Physical Therapist came to Integra for assistance with the inception of his clinic. His business acumen was minimal yet his therapy experience was extensive. The first hurdle was to determine whether he in fact had a sustainable level of referral volume that would support and exceed his overhead requirements. After presenting him with a proforma based upon his own projected referral and insurance type volumes, he decided to move forward with a new clinic start-up with Integra’s management team in support.

    As is Integra’s routine for start ups, we assisted the therapist/owner with the following: Incorporation, credentialing of his new company, assisting in finding a location, recruiting his staff, credentialing of all new staff (on-going), designed the clinic layout and assisted the general contractor with the build out, assisted with the lease negotiation, filed for all insurance contracts and Medicare, provided suggested equipment/ supply lists and Protocols, provided an EMR solution specific to physical therapy and opened the clinic within 8 weeks of signing a contract with Integra. Once our contract was signed our total focus was to get the clinic opened as quickly and meticulously as possible.

    The clinic has continued to grow and flourish under the management advice of Integra. It has provided adequate revenue to not only support the current clinic but has allowed the hiring of more staff and the probable expansion to an additional clinic site, as well. This therapist/ owner enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with Integra Rehab Solutions which has allowed him to commit 100% of his time to his therapy practice while Integra provides 100% of his administrative needs to keep his practice’s steady growth.