• Physician-Owned OT

  • Operations Improvement in Physician-owned Occupational Therapy Clinic

  • A group of Orthopedic Surgeons already had an attached and operating occupational therapy clinic on the premises of their surgical/medical center. However, they believed that their OT clinic was not operating as productively and profitably as it could be. The physician group approached Integra Rehab Solutions to audit the OT clinic’s operations to see whether improvements could be made.

    After Integra conducted a thorough review of the previous year’s data, including patient scheduling, staff productivity, claim coding/submission and more, Integra believed it could significantly grow both the clinic’s Net Revenues and Pre-Tax earnings within a very short time. The physician group engaged Integra to manage the clinic operation and staff going forward.

    Integra began training the clinical staff on different patient scheduling protocols and quickly introduced a new PT/OT EMR software. Once the staff was properly trained, Integra then introduced them to its proprietary reporting to ensure that the clinicians were cognizant of what practices and metrics were being monitored and reported going forward.

    After the first two weeks of monitoring the clinical operations, patient scheduling, clinical staff and the newly-reported metrics, Integra met with the physician group to discuss its findings and to seek approval to make a series of additional adjustments to the operations.

    Within six weeks of managing all aspects of the clinic’s operations, collected revenues year over year had improved 33% and trending toward a 65% improvement in collected revenues year over year after just 13 weeks of Integra management.

    Given current trends and the continuing adjustments that Integra is making to the staff productivity and claims processing, this clinical operation is on target to roughly double its revenues and its profits compared to the same period for the previous year.