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  • Your Customized Guide to Physical Therapy Practice

    Knowing how to start an occupational therapy private practice - or starting a physical therapy clinic - is well beyond the scope of therapist training. Integra has successfully launched occupational and physical therapy start-up clinics utilizing a variety of ownership structures.

    As a prospective owner, you may be a practicing therapist who understands quality treatment protocols for your patients, but you may not have a robust understanding of all the requirements of running a profitable business. You may be a corporate or independent owner who grasps basic business concepts but you may not understand the various requirements of managing a rehabilitation practice. This is where Integra provides a solution.

    We have launched and operated rehabilitation clinics in numerous states. Integra focuses on issues large and small utilizing our detailed and comprehensive Gantt chart to map “next steps” in an orderly fashion and to ensure we remain on schedule and under budget. The Integra team works hand in hand with you, combining our business expertise with your healthcare vision to create a highly profitable practice to serve your patients and community.

  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Start-up Support

    Opening a new practice can be quite intimidating, even for an individual or corporate entity that comprehends fundamental business concepts. A rehabilitation practice is a unique business, as it blends quality patient protocols with industry-specific business practices to ensure a productive and profitable practice.

    Referral sources

    Your first, most crucial step is to ensure your practice will have reliable referral sources. This will be your clinic's lifeblood, and you should not proceed without it. Integra can help you determine exactly how many referrals and of what type specific to your practice will make you profitable. If you are weak in the area of referral sources, our team can also help you solidify this.

    The many moving parts

    For your startup, Integra can help in the following areas:

    • Entity Formation      
    • Lease Negotiation
    • Recommend Clinic Build-out Design
    • Serve as Advisors to the General contractor for any Required Build-out
    • Recruit Professional and Administrative Staff, as needed
    • Advise, and obtain if necessary, General Liability and/or Malpractice Insurance
    • Credential and Contract all Professional staff and Clinic with Medicare and all Commercial Insurance carriers.
    • Recommend and Bid all Therapy equipment, I.T., Office Equipment and Furniture, PT supplies
    • Advise on I.T. Services and Set-up
    • Train Staff on Physical Therapy EHR/EMR Software and proper Billing Techniques to Maximize Revenue
    • Recommend Financial Options
    • Year One Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Introduce and train ownership and/or clinic management on proprietary daily and weekly operational reporting methodology and the purpose the reporting serves toward enhancing clinic performance. Follow-up all initiatives to ensure they are being properly executed.
    Credentialing, billing, and more

    Most clinic startup clients choose to have the Integra team manage their clinic, or aspects of it, ongoing after opening. We customize a solution set to fit your needs, from individual services to full clinic management.

  • Integra's Client Approach

    Integra is an occupational and physical therapy consulting company that specializes in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Clinic Operational Management. Our success can be attributed to performance-enhancing metrics designed to produce maximum revenue for every patient visit. Once our RCM infrastructure is in place we then provide an additional level of profitability when our Company works collaboratively with our Clients and we apply our team’s high level of expertise, leadership and commitment to the tasks at hand.

    Here are a few of our physical therapy clinic startup case studies:

  • Three Support Options

    We offer three levels of support for our Clients:

    1. Revenue Cycle Management
    2. Credentialing & Clinic Productivity Reporting/Analysis
    3. Full Operational Management... Client Clinics that deploy Integra Management oftentimes see pre-tax earnings >30% after just a few months!