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    Mastering the Challenge of OT and PT Recruitment

    The single most important aspect of developing a high-quality, efficiently-run physical therapy clinic is the hiring of qualified therapy staff. Finding the right OT and PT staff requires tenacity, time, and discipline. What challenges do physical therapy [...]

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    6 Crucial Elements of Physical Therapy Clinic Design

    So you've gotten past the basics in setting up your new clinic, like naming it, and solidifying your new patient referral network. Now you are ready to build out your space. Designing a physical therapy clinic properly will create a more profitable therapy [...]

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    Naming Your New Physical Therapy Clinic

    Choosing physical therapy business names is a tricky endeavor.  The first instinct of a physical therapy or occupational therapy entrepreneur is usually to be extra creative and use a play on words. However, the cleverer you are, the less descriptive you [...]

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