• What Physical Therapy Equipment Should I Purchase?

    December 22, 2020 | Ed Hershman
  • If you are opening a physical therapy practice, and have finished all your filings and preliminary steps, it is time to purchase physical therapy equipment. In this article, we examine how to choose and purchase equipment in a way that most supports your profitability.

    The basics

    Most physical therapy sub-specialties will have a standard order for the following equipment:

    • stationary bike
    • treadmill
    • stim machine
    • hydrocollator for heat therapy
    • freezer
    • upper body ergometer (UBE)
    • freezer
    • treatment tables
    • computers
    • printers
    • office furniture

    Equipment per specialty

    Make your equipment purchases in support of your anticipated patient types. So, consider your anticipated patient volume, quality of care, types of diagnoses, and the revenue each equipment type can generate. Each of the numerous physical therapy specialties dictates equipment you must purchase in order to maximize revenue, including:

    • women’s health
    • orthopedics
    • pediatrics
    • sports medicine
    • balance

    Keeping in mind the physical benefit to your patients, choose equipment according to the patient needs and what you expect your referring physicians to diagnose.

    Using a wise budget

    Purchasing inexpensive equipment will serve you poorly. When equipment is down, it generates zero revenue. Inexpensive equipment frequently needs repair, or in many cases you must re-purchase. Avoid the pending difficulties and additional cost of equipment repair and replacement by investing in quality equipment up front.

    Don’t lose sight of your primary goal financially: to be able to pay your bills for budgeted expenses. One of those bills is the purchase of your physical therapy equipment. Proper financing of your equipment creates cash flow, and cash flow pays the bills.

    Your equipment can generate profitable revenue for your clinic. Specifically, properly utilizing your equipment can result in higher productivity and fewer staff. Further, certain types of equipment utilization can substantiate “therapeutic exercise” charges, thereby contributing to your clinic revenues. Therefore, since your choice of equipment can enhance your clinic’s bottom line, approach it carefully and strategically.


    By purchasing high-quality physical therapy equipment, you enhance your ability to create revenue while providing a service to your patient. You will find that the importance of making the right choice of all of the above is the basis of a profitable and high-quality physical therapy clinic.