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  • Clinic Performance Assessment

    As a practice owner, you understand quality treatment protocols for your patients, but you may not have a robust understanding of all the requirements of running a profitable business. You may be a corporate or independent owner who grasps basic business concepts, but you may not understand the various requirements of managing a rehabilitation practice. Integra's physical therapy consulting services provide a solution.

    When we are called to assess a practice, we begin our diligence and data gathering effort. We endeavor to provide ownership with a candid and honest opinion as to how we can improve the top line growth, the gross profit and the bottom line profitability of the clinical operation. We examine all aspects of the clinic operations, benchmarking our various tried and true metrics to those of highly successful operations that we have successfully managed. With this data, we then make this presentation to clinic ownership and determine next steps. The Integra team works hand in hand with you, combining our business expertise with your healthcare vision to create a highly profitable practice serving your patients and community.

    We have worked with a wide variety of ownership structures.

  • Existing Practice Support

    A Physical Therapy practice is a unique business. It blends quality patient protocols with industry-specific business practices to ensure a productive and profitable practice. As we alluded to above, our first steps require our “auditing” your current operations, your staff and your clinic productivity. We then sit down with you and make recommendations for a transition to Integra PT or OT management.

    Once Integra is engaged to Manage your existing Clinical Operations, we will take steps in the following areas:

    • Document “current” metrics in detail to establish base-lines against which we will compare our progress going forward.
    • Train Professional and Administrative Staff on new Physical Therapy EHR/EMR software, including patient scheduling, productivity methods and proper billing techniques to maximize revenue.
    • Introduce Clinic Ownership and/or Management to new Proprietary daily and weekly reporting methodology and the purpose that this reporting serves toward enhancing clinic performance.
    • Follow-up on all new initiatives with face-to-face meetings, scheduled conference calls and on-line training where necessary on an ongoing basis.
  • Integra's Approach to PT and OT Management

    Integra is a occupational and physical therapy management company that specializes in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Clinic Operational Management. Our success can be attributed to performance-enhancing metrics designed to produce maximum revenue for every patient visit. Once our RCM infrastructure is in place, we provide an additional level of profitability when our Company works collaboratively with our Clients and we apply our team’s high level of expertise, leadership, and commitment to the tasks at hand.

    To that end, we offer three occupational and physical therapy management levels of support. They are:

    1. Revenue Cycle Management
    2. Credentialing & Clinic Productivity Reporting / Analysis
    3. Full Operational Management.

    Client Clinics that deploy Integra Full Operational Management oftentimes see pre-tax earnings >30% after just a few months.