• 6 Crucial Elements of Physical Therapy Clinic Design

    July 31, 2017 | Ed Hershman
  • So you’ve gotten past the basics in setting up your new clinic, like naming it, and solidifying your new patient referral network. Now you are ready to build out your space.

    Designing a physical therapy clinic properly will create a more profitable therapy business.  Your number one cost will be your clinic’s staff. So, the more efficient you can make your therapists, the more profitable you will be. Also keep in mind that your patients will benefit from a proper clinic layout, as well.

    Your Six Physical Therapy Clinic Design Priorities

    1. Line of Sight: The practice’s clinicians should have a clear line of sight to monitor all patient therapy activities in the clinic. Having a cooperative landlord, enough time, enough money, and room to negotiate a proper build out is imperative. Take the time before purchasing/ leasing a site to think these items through.
    2. Appropriate Privacy: Due to HIPAA requirements (and/ or common decency), you need to be able to provide your patients with a secluded spot to change attire, to be consulted or to be treated if necessary.
    3. Appropriate Space for Equipment: Your therapists and patients need space to move around freely from one exercise to another. Make sure that your floor plan takes in account the equipment size and patient space needs. And if your clinic sits on a floor that has a weight limit, remember that computing the weight includes the equipment, the patient, and the therapist!
    4. A Vestibule: If your clinic entrance opens to the outside you should consider the impact that the weather will have on your exercising patients. If you reside in a cold climate, a cold blast of air through the clinic every few minutes will be very uncomfortable for you patients and staff.
    5. Lighting: Proper lighting provides adequate light, but not overbearing brightness. An inviting atmosphere will promote better patient care. However, inadequate lighting can impede the therapist’s ability to provide quality care.
    6. Flooring: Avoid heavy carpeting or slippery laminate. Resistance is part of proper rehab, but too much or too little can be dangerous. A low pile, durable carpet will give you some resistance, good atmosphere, sound control, and ease of cleaning.


    Designing your clinic can be very fun but remembering the essentials will make adding your personality that much easier! This is your health care entity, and your patients’ needs should define your choice of design.