• PT and OT Business Consulting

  • Win with value; win with results.

  • Integra prides itself on its broad and comprehensive offering of physical therapy consulting deliverables. We have deep experience:

    • designing productive clinics
    • equipping your new clinic with the necessary therapy devices
    • accurately and efficiently managing your clinic's revenue cycle

    We are experts at managing and/or monitoring your clinic's operations and financial metrics. With our guidance, your clinic will reach the highest productivity and profitability possible given your referral base and clinic size.

    But occasionally, ownership of a new or existing clinic simply wants help on a project basis. For example, ownership may want help with initial credentialing for their facility or therapists. Or, they may seek follow up help with credentialing as their practice grows.

  • Physical therapy business assessment

    We are often asked to provide a "formal assessment" of an existing clinic's metrics. With our 85+ years of combined experience with private and physician-owned clinics as well as corporate-owned clinics in over ten different states, we have experts who know which metrics are important to assess, and how to improve them. We can provide a frank assessment of your practice, offer next steps for improvement, or perhaps help your clinic improve over a longer-term period.

    We can bill these services on a project or hourly basis, after a project scope has been agreed upon.

    Integra's physical therapy business consultants deliver quantifiable benefits and results that you and your business deserve. We will listen to your case, your concerns, and we will stand at your side to deliver both effectiveness and productivity to your physical therapy clinic.

    Cal us to discuss your needs at 847-393-4501.