• Overview

  • Integra Rehab solutions is a Management Services Company established to help Physical Therapy clinic owners develop and manage highly profitable physical and occupational therapy clinics, with a goal of delivering high-quality patient clinical outcomes and high levels of satisfaction for owners, clinicians and patients.

    Integra Rehab Solutions specialize in Revenue Cycle Management and Clinic Operational management. Our success is attributed to performance-enhancing metrics designed to produce maximum revenue for every patient visit. The Revenue Cycle Management then provides an additional level of profitability when performed with the high level of expertise and experience by Integra’s team. Our partnership with our client clinics permits the owners/managers to focus on patient outcomes as the Integra team works to deliver high quality operations while achieving clinic pre-tax earnings of greater than 30% on clinic Net Revenues.

    In sum, our business model is performance based, designed to deliver operational efficiencies and superior outcomes with our client clinics always maintaining ownership and control over the therapy and the quality of care provided to its patients.

  • Service Concept

    Foundational to Integra’s Turn-Key Management Service is our error-free revenue cycle management (RCM) offering, where we use state-of-the-art EHR/EMR and Practice Management software to bill and collect patient claims.

    We train our clients on scheduling and coding through the EMR system and then Integra does the rest:

    • Detailed billing/accounting services, including reconciliation of billing patient visits seen and collections per insurance EOBs
    • Claims scrubbing, denial and appeal management
    • Patient insurance verification and electronic claims management via our Clearinghouse

    Outcomes Tracking: These activities are tracked, reconciled and reported in detail to the client both with electronic reports and at follow-up meetings.

    Beyond the RCM offerings, Integra provides comprehensive operational management services that include:

    • Assistance with staffing,
    • Weekly reviews of detailed clinic operating statistics,
    • Monthly reviews and reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and
    • Financial statements (if Integra has access to the client’s banking and treasury)
    • Equipment quality assurance, and
    • Staff review tracking

    At a client’s request, Integra will administer their bookkeeping, A/P and treasury functions as well.

  • Value Proposition

    Integra Rehab Solutions has bundled a strong clinic management model together with an attractive pricing structure, as evidenced by the approval from the clinic locations already under Integra management.

    As Healthcare further evolves into a business conscious sector, Integra’s proven business intellect and long experience in the rehabilitation market makes Integra the ideal partner for any physical or occupational therapy owner who seeks to flourish and thrive in the therapy niche.

    Integra’s team is passionate about growing its client clinics’ Revenues, Gross Profit and Pre-Tax Earnings. We stand side by side with our clients throughout our partnership and we pride ourselves on helping client clinics to become positive, highly profitable businesses that deliver high-quality patient clinical outcomes and high levels of satisfaction for owners, clinicians and patients.

  • Leadership / Management

    Ed Hershman and Kevin Kasmar, Integra’s Principals and Owners, officially launched the company in July 2012, after a six month long pre-organization effort. However, Integra’s turnkey therapy business and clinical model dates from 26 years earlier, when in 1991 Mr. Hershman evolved a therapy business into a fee-for-service management model while owning freestanding physical therapy centers as well as managing physician-owned practices and outpatient clinics. Mr. Kasmar has experience across several major industries, including physical therapy clinic management, and has worked in both industry and consulting for over 40 years, holding C-level positions in both early stage and mature businesses ranging in annual revenues from $3.5 million to over $5 billion.

    Integra’s senior leadership team includes our Director of Operations, James Stepanich, our Controller, Robert White and our Revenue Cycle Manager, Christine Igyarto. These leaders, along with the Principals, are experienced veterans of the rehabilitation niche with over 80 combined years of experience helping rehabilitation clinics to meet and exceed their performance expectations.