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    8 Crucial Content Areas for Your Physical Therapy Business Plan

    If you are serious about opening your own private practice, here's why you need a business plan. We also detail the eight sections your business plan should contain, especially if you are seeking startup capital.

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    11 Steps to a Successful PT Clinic Grand Opening

    Start your rehabilitation clinic strong by setting your place in the community and setting your clinic apart from the corporate brands. These steps are a complete guide to thinking about and planning your grand opening.

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    Medical Necessity Documentation for Physical and Occupational Therapy

    In order for physical therapists to ensure medical justification, and smooth and timely claims, they must understand medical necessity documentation. Here we explain the three specific items to account for when creating your documentation.

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    Defensible Documentation for Physical Therapy Businesses

    Physical therapy businesses that keep effective, defensible documentation will have a great advantage revenue-wise over those that do not. Audits and dealing with denials will cost your clinic time and money. Follow these best practices to stay on top.

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    The Future of Medicare for PTs and OTs: MIPS Update 2018

    Occupational and Physical therapists need to begin learning about the components of the MIPS composite score because in as early as 2019, MIPS will be mandatory. We provide all the resources to start the process.

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    Medicare Documentation Requirements for Physical/Occupational Therapy

    Save time, minimize audits, and capture the highest level of reimbursement by understanding the Medicare documentation guidelines. We detail the requirements for the physical and occupational therapy initial evaluation, POC Certification and re-certification, [...]

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    Improve Collections without Alienating Patients

    For physical therapy clinics, at the core of revenue cycle management best practices is a patient communication strategy that threads through the patient experience, from front desk to therapist.

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